Whoa. These last couple weeks have been intense in Little Bird Soul Land.

For those of you that don’t know, I’m married with three children (aka The Pickies) and I have two silly bulldogs. The Pickies are a lot of wonderful, crazy, and hilarious work, but I think they are turning out pretty ok. 🙂


Teaching the kids to advocate for themselves is a wild ride. Whether it be encouraging them to not be afraid to ask for what they want in life, to standing up for themselves, to researching choices and making the best decisions, it is so important to model these scenarios for the kids because let’s face it: THEY ARE WATCHING.

We like the democratic process in our family. We like the politics and the possibility of change. We put signs in our yard and we advocate. And sometimes, it just doesn’t go our way. And we breathe.

Little Bird Soul is such a blessing because the whole idea behind the product is to carry reminders of peace with you wherever you go. Reminders that breathing through the good times will help through the bad times. That if you pause for that one hot moment and take a few deep breaths, things MAY just be ok.

Each mala I sell has a large stone or a bead next to the tassel. That is the prayer/guru bead. Much like your yoga practice, that is where you close your eyes, touch the stone, and set the intention of your meditation or breath. Take a deep breath and when you exhale, touch the bead next to the prayer bead. Breathe in again and touch the next bead. Continue until you make your way around the mala.

Some days we may only have four breaths to give. And some days we may have 108. Just close your eyes and breathe. When your monkey mind wanders and the grocery list seems way long and the kids start wrestling, go back to your breath. Inhale. Exhale. Sometimes I will use a mantra for each bead. Breathe in. “I AM ENOUGH” as you breathe out. Any mantra this is significant to you. Anything that empowers you.


When life is unkind, breathe. It may just get you through anything.

Even the Pickies’ homework, dinner requests, and sporting events.