It’s so cold here. Rainy. Dark. Gloomy. A big gray bucket of suck (thanks, Heather!). It’s a snowless January, filled with fog that looks like it is rising up from the ground; it is the perfect backdrop for a thriller movie. Only the scariest part is that the kids have all this energy because it is too muddy for recess. The HORROR.

The gray is affecting my mood. Sunlight generally fills my soul and January is leaving it less than joyful. I took Facebook off my phone a few times this week-my brain is so tired and my hands hurt so badly that I needed a break from so much social interaction (and bickering. No more bickering.) So when my hands subconsciously went to the non-existent Facebook app this morning, I scrolled up to my old friend Pinterest. After pinning a few recipes, and a couple quotes, a post captured my attention…HARD.

I loved that it was pronounced “hooga’ (like “HOOGA BOOGA”, thanks, Brian!) and this definition really spoke to me, so I searched for more. I came across this pin, too:

I have been reflecting about this meaning of Hygge all day, and I am thinking about focusing on something like this to get rid of the January BLAHS. Anybody else up for this? Obviously Christmas is over, but you get the point. How can we realistically incorporate some of these cozy acts into our lives?

I’m all for warm socks, coffee, and chocolate…